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📣< Holiday Notice > Due to Chinese New Year holiday, orders will be shipped from Jan 28
📣< Holiday Notice > Due to Chinese New Year holiday, orders will be shipped from Jan 28

Shipping Tips

                     How to save your money by shipping

  1. Make your packageweight around but not over 0 or X.5 Kilogram(1kg=2.2 lbs), as for DHL, for instance, 2.01 kg to 2.49kg, 3.51kg to 3.99kg charges the same shipping fee.
  1. If your product weighs less than 0.5kg, it is recommended that you buy close to 1kg, because 0.1kg and 0.99kg pay almost the same amount for shipping.
  1. Regardless of expedited or standard delivery, the more products you buy in a single order, the more cost-effective the shipping is. If you buy more than 21kg, you can enjoy a lower shipping cost for large kilograms, around6 USD per kilogram for large-pak shipping.
  1. You can buy productswith your friends to save shipping costs.
  1. When you add products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout, the checkoutsystem will automatically calculate shipping based on your address, products net weight, packaging weight, and quantity. If you want to know the weight of your products, click below the shopping cart, and you can find it below the bottom.


                        How to choose a carrier

  1. When the weight of the package exceeds 1kg, we recommend that you choose Expedited Shipping (DHL), because the price is similar to the standard shipping cost, as we got discount from our carrier, Howeverthe transportation time is faster and more reliable.
  1. The normal shipping cost accounts for 20-30% of the total price, but for headbands, it will be over 50%, due to their large weight and volume. 4PX, DHL will charge by volume and weight (for example, because the weight of a package is 5kg, but the volumetric weight is 8kg, the freight is charged according to 8kg).
  1. If you are located in Mexico, the area is relatively remote, and the delivering time may vary, upto about 20-25 days, we recommend that you choose expedited delivery (DHL).
  1. Tariff issues, currently 99.98% of our customers do not encounter tariff issues. If you encounter this issue, don't worry, please contact our customer service, we will assist you to solve it in time and will not cause you any loss.
  1. Introduce different shipping carriers

Shipping Methods


Delivery time (days)








Around 14 days


*Dut to the significant impacts of COVID-19 on the global aviation industry, the logistics and transportation time may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

*For more detailed logistics policy, please refer to the shipping policy at the bottom left.